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It isn’t just planets, dwarf planets, stars and moons that make up our solar system, there are other bodies such as comets, asteroids, asteroid belts and meteors that are common not only in our solar system but in other solar systems as well.

There are three important new regions that we have begun to study recently in space. These are the Kuiper belt, the main asteroid belt and the Oort cloud. We have only been able to do this because our technology has improved so much that we can now see billions of light years away thanks to space telescopes such as Hubble.

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Asteroid belt
Kuiper belt
Oort cloud

Contained in the Kuiper belt, the main asteroid belt and the Oort cloud are billions of asteroids some of which are large enough to be similar in size to moons or even small planets. Smaller in size are meteoroids which are smaller pieces of rock and metal that also float in space but when they hit a planet’s atmosphere they become meteors. You may have been lucky enough to have seen a meteor in the night sky. They are sometimes called shooting stars and look like an extremely bright light speeding across the sky. If they are not burnt up in the planet’s atmosphere and reach the surface of the planet they are called meteorites.

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