Facts About The Universe

The universe is basically everything that exists in space – the stars, planets, galaxies, all objects and energy. Interestingly before 1991 we only knew the planets within our own solar system. Since then we have come to realise how large the universe is and how many planets stars, galaxies and objects are contained within the universe.

We are far from knowing about the whole of the universe but as our technology gets better, we are more able to observe more objects in our universe. For example we now know of around 450 different planets that orbit around stars in our universe.

Read on for more information about our universe.

We understand that the universe is 13.75 billion years old. Scientists believe that this has a 1% accuracy level.

We believe that the universe is at least 93 billion light years in diameter and expanding!

Scientists believe that space travels faster than the speed of light so because we can only observe by light we are not sure whether the universe is infinite or not.

The current explanation about how the universe was created is called the Big Bang theory. This is when the universe expanded from an area called the Planck epoch which contained all matter and energy in existence. Mysterious matter called dark matter may be the reason why the universe is still expanding but we do not currently have the instruments or expertise to know this for sure.

Within seconds of the creation of the universe the temperature was immense. It is estimated to have been around 10 billion Kelvin, compared to the average temperature of the universe today of 2.725 Kelvin.

Due to the continuing expansion of the universe there is never a centre of the universe at any one time.

A short definition of the universe could be “everything that has existed, currently exists and will exist in the future”.

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