Facts About Gravity

Isaac Newton's theories on gravity were thought to be inspired by seeing an apple drop from a tree.
Isaac Newton’s theories on gravity were thought to be inspired by seeing an apple drop from a tree.
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Gravity is the force of attraction between all types of matter. It is an invisible force between two objects that cannot be turned off or blocked or changed in any way. Gravity attracts physical bodies with a force that is proportional to its mass. In other words the bigger the object the more gravity it will have, the smaller the object the less gravity it will have. Also, the closer that two objects are together the stronger the gravity will be.

Gravity or gravitation is very important because it allows matter to remain intact, it is what makes our planet orbit the Sun and keeps the Moon orbiting the Earth, and it helps to form the tides. You experience gravity all day everyday and it can be best described by the weight it gives objects when they fall to the ground when dropped. Gravity is one of the four fundamental forces of nature along with weak nuclear forces, strong nuclear forces and electromagnetism.

Here are some more interesting facts about gravity.

Isaac Newton’s revolutionary theories on gravity in 1665 were thought to be inspired by seeing an apple fall from a tree. He realised that the same forces that pull an apple downwards when falling from a tree were the same forces that kept the Moon in place in orbit around the Earth.

Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity is used as a modern description of gravity.

Objects that have a mass are attracted to each other. This is what is known as gravity.

Our bodies are pulled down onto the surface of the Earth by gravity. If there was no gravity we would float away (like in space).

Gravity is different depending on where you are on the Earth. For example an object that was at the equator would weigh less than the same object at the North Pole (although the mass would always stay the same).

You would weigh different amounts depending on which planet you were on based on each planet in our solar system having different levels of gravity.

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