Facts About Alien Life

We do not currently know whether alien life (sometimes known as extraterrestrial life) currently exists or has ever existed either in small bacterial form or in forms of life as we know it or far in advance of how we know life forms to exist. Many people believe that due to the sheer size of the universe and the fraction of this that we have observed that statistically there must be life in space other than the life found on Earth.

Even within our own small solar system it is possible that life may have existed or still does exist on Venus, Mars or the moons of Jupiter or Saturn. These are the most likely places for signs of life in our solar system but we have simply not explored our solar system in great enough details to know one way or the other. Often we hear stories of aliens and UFO’s being sighted on or above the Earth. The vast majority of these are either hoaxes or can be explained as being known astronomical objects or our own aircraft. Very few sightings remain truly unexplained.

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Life exists in Earth today due to a combination of chemical, geological and climactic conditions which have allowed life to flourish. If these factors (or similar factors) could be found elsewhere in the universe it is possible that life could be found in those locations.

We have been searching for alien life in space through the SETI program for many years but no evidence has been found. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) project uses a number of modern techniques to try to find electromagnetic transmissions from alien civilisations in space but so far none have been received. This may be due to the fact that there are none in existence, we are no able to search far enough or our search is not on the correct frequencies.

It has been argued that Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system to the Earth may have planets that have conditions suitable for sustaining life.

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Much of the conspiracy theory regarding any existing knowledge of alien life and UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) centers around the shadowy US Air Force facility known as Area 51 which forms part of Edwards Airforce Base in Nevada. This secret facility is used by the United States Air Force to develop and test advanced experimental aircraft, propulsion systems and weaponry and it is likely that the reported UFO activity around the area is simply individuals witnessing launches and test flights from a great distance!

The facility itself is shrouded in intense secrecy and security and very little information about it is made publicly available – in fact it has even been removed from most satellite imagery. The lengths to which the authorities go to in order to detect and keep intruders away has of course done little to suppress rumours regarding the UFO theories.

Some individuals believe that the site houses wreckage from an alien craft supposedly containing alien occupants recovered from a crash site in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Any evidence relating to this is extremely limited and dubious and the US military themselves stating at the time that the craft recovered was in fact an experimental radar device.

Numerous hoax pictures of the supposed aliens have appeared over the years and a great many books on the subject have been published. The credibility of any images that have been released has always been damaged by the fact that they are almost always of very low quality! Roswell and Area 51 have also provided the inspiration for many Hollywood films!

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